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This segment to make us be aware about the basics to inculcate a healthy lifestyle with the right knowledge before we have the need to visit any doctor.


Put Ice On This Point, And There Will Be a Complete Change in Your Body

A Complex energy system is what Chinese medicine use the term to describes human body. Acupuncture is quite popular healing method of Chinese medicine which claims that massaging and pressing certain points of the body can help to cure ailments. It is claimed that this method changes the flow of energy to the organs in our body. Putting an ice...

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9 tips to treat baldness NATURALLY…!!!

Do people tease you regarding your Baldness? We know, it is very dreadful for the people going through it and even more dreadful for the ones who fear it might happen anytime. Baldness or the excessive Hair fall has become the most common issue faced by men and women these days. We relate our beauty to the quality of our...

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Health problems related to obesity

All of us have heard that, obesity hampers our physical health, stamina and even the personality. Have any of us given thought to the extremities, it can lead? Of all the problems that are caused by its consequences, the worst is the risk of premature death (keep calm! There’s more to read). The worst part of accumulated Fat is that...

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Water – A saviour!

Drinking water is like washing out your insides. The water will cleanse the system, fill you up, decrease your caloric load and improve the function of all your tissues. – Kevin R. Stone   Inspired by it? Now read further. 🙂 Ever thought that water could be so important for us? Water is our key to survive on this planet....

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10 Regular tricks that can make you lose weight easily!

We all want to look perfect, but how many of us are ready to work hard for it? 😛 Well, this article gives some easy ways and tricks with which you can help yourself lose more weight and look the way you want. 😉   1. Chew your food 32 times– Proper digestion and less fat accumulation. Source: Yes....