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11 Songs that come to your mind during exams!

1.) Chale chalo Source: Baar Baar Haan, Bolo Yaar Haan Apni Jeet Ho, Unki Haar Haan Koi Humse Jeet Na Paave Chale Chalo, Chale Chalo Mit Jaave Jo Takraave, Chale Chalo This describes that competitive feeling during exams when your competitor studies a night more than you and you feel that you would do whatever it takes to score better...

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Story of every salesman!

Everybody knows how difficult it is to sell anything. We can imagine the life of a salesman who tries to push the sale to the point of final convert, who moves from one customer to another, mostly, without getting any convert and still trying hard every time. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Here are the experiences that every salesman goes...